or Broadway for short

our home

The OG location and the place where we got our toes wet in the exotic market. Our cultivators began testing and growing our first exotics in the basement and because of that, we love our Broadway location.


The Denver cannabis community is our focus and passion. That’s why our OG store is located right in the middle of the Green Mile — it’s the perfect hub to go explore what the rest of the scene has to offer. After you’ve stocked up at THC, check out the new cannabis lounges and cannabis-themed bars popping up around us!

Our manager Janelle and Herb, a spicy South Broadway character
Industry Green Elephant Party thrown by THC, Jonathon Ward 2018.


Our Broadway budtenders are the perfect blend of spicy and sweet. These ladies and gents know the ins-and-outs of everything cannabis and are ready to help curate a perfect experience for you. Every budtender on our team has received extensive product training from our vendors, so feel free to ask them anything!