Peoria crossing

or peoria for short

our home

We realized that if we wanted to make an impact in the Denver scene, we’d have to step it up and find our own grow. That was Peoria Crossing. Today, it’s our main location and features the best of what we have to offer.


Walk into our Peoria location and you’ll probably smell what our lead cultivators are cooking up in the back. Peoria isn’t just our larger store – it’s our administrative hub with 7 grow rooms, a full-scale extraction lab and possibly a kitchen coming soon (keep an eye out).

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Tangie {California Orange x Skunk}
Industry Green Elephant Party thrown by THC, Jonathon Ward 2018.


Our Peoria budtenders are always down for a good time! These guys and gals have been in the industry for years and are dedicated to helping you find exactly what you need. We make sure our people are schooled about every item on our shelves, so go ahead. Try to trip them up!

our Lab

The Herbal Center is known for it’s flower and we are proud of that. However, we don’t want to be just another one-hit wonder, so we’ve decided to expand with our concentrates line – Herbal Selections. Our cultivation masterminds are going after all things solventless and we think you’ll be pleased with what they’re serving up.

We use only fresh, terpene-rich cuts that allow us to precisely dial in our terp profiles. The result is a potent, flavor-packed concentrate that will give you a consistent high every time.